A mark that connects

We know how you love your brand, it’s unique… right?
Make it stand in crowd with a graphical logo, emblem, simple typography
or just a line. We can make it remarkable

Character logo design


The client wanted to sell mystery vape boxes online so needed a logo. He wanted it to be of a fun, illustrative geek.

Simple elegant logo design


A logo for an expert Locksmith, they wanted it to be simple formation of “S” into a lock/Keyhole.

Creative logo design


Dayna wanted a logo for her fitness campaign specially designed for Women. She asked us to keep it simple and feminine. Dayna Brooks is a fitness expert and we enjoyed working with her.

Illustrative logo design

Louisiana Lady Elit

A logo for a women basketball team, it is strong and powerful with a basket ball symbol in eagles eye.

Unique Identity mark design

Culture Theory

A logo that has a tricky maze game hidden inside, it was a very interesting project for us.

Logo design with emblem

Xynrgie Sports

Xynrgie Sports, a logo for a nutrition product. Andy wanted it to reflect a person especially a cyclist and a mark with stretching 2 hands to form X.

Logo for small business and startup

Kid Chocolate

A logo for a chocolate candy company

Typography logo design

Tasheka Mason

A logo for a Speaker, Author with typography that needed a feminism look and feel.

logo design services


A typography logo art and culture event

Logo for packaging

Este Xpress

A basic logo for a courier company.